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How To Configure A Default Gateway on CentOS - A default gateway is what linux will use to interact with other computers connected on the network. This is typically the router and will send all packets to that IP address. The actions below all use the route command, to find out more possiblities view the route man page . How to Delete and Remove a Route Rule from Windows Routing Dec 25, 2008 Network Administration: Modifying the Routing Table - dummies

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route delete after a reboot I have the initial configuration , how can I delete the 2 routing for ever? Thanks Gianluca. , Since everything is doable in Linux so far, what is the ability of changing a spicifc service name permanently. e.g. I want to change the network service name to connection, so I can use Re: how to delete a route? - Debian To delete a route use # ip route del dev ath0 to delete gateway use # ip route del default via dev ath0 to add route use # ip route add dev eth1 to list your routes use (for main route table) #ip

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7 Linux Route Command Examples (How to Add Route in Linux) Display Existing Routes. route command by default will show the details of the kernel routing table … How to Add, Delete and Modify Static Route Windows 10 and Dec 14, 2019 How to Permanently add Static Route in Linux Nov 08, 2012