Sep 09, 2014

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How To Properly Disable IPv6 - Microsoft Windows Tweaks

Disable IPV6 Sometimes you would like to disable IPV6 on the servers even Microsoft not recommends it. Get the binding information for a network adapter first. Use the. cmdlet Get-NetAdapterBinding As you can see the component ID of IPv6 is ms_tcpip6. So use the Disable-NetAdapterBinding cmdlet as follow. Note: This method disables IPv6 on your LAN interfaces and connections, but does not disable IPv6 on tunnel interfaces or the IPv6 loopback interface. You need to make change in Windows registry in order to disable the IPv6 on tunnel interface. You can stop here if don’t feel like working with Windows registry. If not, proceed with Step 5. IPv6 and Teredo is installed and enabled by default beginning Windows Vista, and continually supported in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 or their server equivalents, and users cannot uninstall them. Users can turn off IPv6 support in Windows. Teredo client in Windows is enabled but inactive by default, but it will activate

Jul 24, 2020

Ve výchozím nastavení je v systému Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 nebo novějších verzích povolen protokol tunelového propojení 6to4, pokud je danému rozhraní přiřazena veřejná IPv4 adresa (tedy adresa IPv4, která není v oblastech, nebo 6to4 automaticky přiřazuje adresu IPv6 k How to disable IPv6 on Windows? | NordVPN Customer Support