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The field size sets a theoretical limit of 65,535 bytes (8 byte header + 65,527 bytes of data) for a UDP datagram. However the actual limit for the data length, which is imposed by the underlying IPv4 protocol, is 65,507 bytes (65,535 − 8 byte UDP header − 20 byte IP header ). IP was designed with its maximum packet size because it was fast and easy to use a 16-bit number for the packet size. IPv4 has a 20 to 60 octet header that you must subtract from the packet size. IPv6 has a 40 octet header, and possible option headers. A transport protocol, such as UDP or TCP is the payload of the network protocol. Since no UDP packet is guaranteed, if you receive a UDP packet, the largest safe size would be 1 packet over IPv4 or 1472 bytes. Note -- if you are using IPv6, the maximum size would be 1452 bytes, as IPv6's header size is 40 bytes vs. IPv4's 20 byte size (and either way, one must still allow 8 bytes for the UDP header). The size of an IP packet includes IP headers but excludes headers from the link layer. In the case of an Ethernet frame this adds an overhead of 18 bytes, or 22 bytes with an IEEE 802.1Q tag for VLAN tagging or class of service. The MTU should not be confused with the minimum datagram size that all hosts For a large number of systems receiving or transmitting UDP packets, you can reduce the probability of packet loss by adjusting the socket buffer size of the system and program. When processing UDP packets, the application should be asynchronous and not have too much processing logic between the two received packets. #define UDP_TX_PACKET_MAX_SIZE 860 //increase UDP size By putting the #define line immediately after the header import (in your code), it seems to override the default #define and apply the new values to all the code that gets initialized later. This eliminates any future issues that would occur modifying the standard library and also makes

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The Ethernet standard limits the size of an Ethernet frame to 1514 bytes (14-byte Ethernet header plus 1500 bytes data). However, that is the frame at the Data link layer. On the Network layer, the packet size … [dhcwg] RE: Maximum message size interpretation in DHCP packet Hi, Does not it include the ethernet header besides IP,UDP and DHCP in finding the Maximum DHCP Packet size? Thanks in advance. -Gopi -----Original Message----- From: dhcwg-admin@ietf.org [mailto:dhcwg-admin@ietf.org] Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 9:01 AM To: dhcwg@ietf.org Subject: dhcwg digest, Vol 1 #174 - 3 msgs Send dhcwg mailing list submissions to dhcwg@ietf.org To … VoIP Packet Size — TechExams Community The packet size depends on many different variables, so there is no great answer for an "average" packet size -- average depends on the environment. Just as an example, if you currently have VoIP running within a LAN and want to provision a new WAN so you can use VoIP to another site, knowing how big your VoIP packets are on the LAN won't help. What are the minimum and maximum sizes of an ICMP packet?