Proxy is just another service, acting as another computer between you and the server of the website that you interested in. You don't connect to the network, you let your data through external server.

What is a proxy server? - Speedcheck A proxy server intercepts a connection between a device and the internet by blocking the direct connection between the 2 points. Also known as a proxy or as an application-level gateway between a LAN and a larger scale network system, a proxy server can either be an application or a specific device in a network that filters outbound and inbound data transfers. Biology: Proxy Data Proxy data such as these allow us to assemble a dependable, though slightly fuzzy, picture of the Chihuahuan Desert's past. Contributor: Arthur H. Harris, Laboratory for Environmental Biology, Centennial Museum, University of Texas at El Paso. What Is Data Aggregation? [Quick Guide 2020] | Best Proxy Jul 04, 2020

Since reliable modern records of climate only began in the 1880s, proxies provide a means for scientists to determine climatic patterns before record-keeping began, though it appears that the the distribution of proxy records for global average temperatures, just like the instrumental record, is strongly non-uniform, with more records in the northern hemisphere.

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Display your proxy server information.

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