Jul 15, 2009

Jun 27, 2012 VPN Tunnel not Passing Traffic - Cisco Community After some effort, we were able to get the tunnel to connect somewhat, but always in a QM_IDLE state. (Possibly not connecting on Phase2) Here are some changes we made so far (see original config above): ip nat inside source route-map nonat interface Dialer1 overload (removed old nat overload statement) ip route Dialer1 Most Common DMVPN Troubleshooting Solutions - Cisco

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Use the following commands to verify the state of the VPN tunnel: • show crypto isakmp sa – should show a state of QM_IDLE. • show crypto ipsec client ezvpn – should show a state of IPSEC ACTIVE; If the VPN tunnel is not up, issue a ping to AD1 sourced from VLAN 10. Now it’s time for Phase 2, which is Quick Mode (QM). The router sends out the packet containing local proxy IDs (network/host addresses to be protected by the IPSec tunnel) and the security policy defined by the transform set. The state of IKE is QM_IDLE. This indicates that the ISAKMP SA is idle. I am in the progress of creating a VPN tunnel through a PIX 515 to a PIX 501. Both ends shows the state of QM_IDLE. What does this mean, and shouldn't it show connected instead? I'm pretty sure I got my configuration on both ends correctly. RE: VPN -PIX 6.3 shows a QM_IDLE status when I do a show crypto isakmp sa NetworkGhost (IS/IT--Management) 22 Oct 08 15:25 The idle state means that the SA is established and isnt doing anything until the SA needs to be rebuilt.

Apr 27, 2016

Solved: Hi, I have two office (main and brach) each with a cisco 887 router 15.3 with sec+ k9 ios I have configured client vpn (working with no problems at all) and a site to site VPN. The tunnel between main and branch site is up (according to sh