Jul 09, 2019

Tor is very good at hiding the location of connection sources, so it is used by spies, victims of abuse, whistleblowers, and defense forces. It is very slow, so it is no good for most of the activities that the average person wants to get up to on the web. Tor vs VPN Conclusions Tor vs VPN: Find Out What Will Work Best For You Jun 24, 2019 Tor vs VPN - Which One is the Best Option for You? The VPN's IP address is the one displayed, rather than your own. Using a VPN. Using a VPN is a safe and efficient way to browse the internet, share torrent and P2P files, and look at confidential files of any sort. A VPN provides faster speeds than TOR, allowing for quicker streaming of geo-restricted content and more effective location spoofing.

Tor vs VPN – Should You Use One or Both?

1. Geschwindigkeit: VPN gegen Tor. Bei der Geschwindigkeit gibt es einen großen Unterschied zwischen VPNs und Tor. VPN: Mit VPNs kann ich bei Servern in der Nähe mit 160 Mbit / s (Nicht-VPN) häufig 150 Mbit / s erreichen.Hier ein Beispiel mit ExpressVPN auf einem Server in der Schweiz: Why use Tor over VPN - ProtonVPN Blog

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