lshw and lspci are both capable of showing that information. As you have found out already, you can do lshw -class network -businfo.For instance, here's my output: $ sudo lshw -c network -businfo Bus info Device Class Description ===== pci@0000:0e:00.0 wlan0 network RTL8187SE Wireless LAN Controller pci@0000:14:00.0 eth0 network RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller

Mar 27, 2017 · Introduction. This section describes the Designware Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) driver integrated in TI SoC (DRA7xx). The driver is split into two parts, the Designware core part (used by all SoCs that use Designware PCIe controller) and DRA7xx integration part. I am still new to Linux drivers, but I read book Linux Device Drivers tried some simple examples there. I also read many articles, presentations etc, so I decided that it is time to do something on my own. I am trying to create a PCI driver for my sound card. In this forum I found the following template and decidd to use it: * pci_mmap_resource - map a PCI resource into user memory space: 1154 * @kobj: kobject for mapping: 1155 * @attr: struct bin_attribute for the file being mapped: 1156 * @vma: struct vm_area_struct passed into the mmap: 1157 * @write _combine: 1 for write_combine mapping: 1158 * 1159 * Use the regular PCI mapping routines to map a PCI resource 6.6 Linux PCI Initialization. The PCI initialisation code in Linux is broken into three logical parts: PCI Device Driver This pseudo-device driver searches the PCI system starting at Bus 0 and locates all PCI devices and bridges in the system. It builds a linked list of data structures describing the topology of the system.

Apr 11, 2014 · Download Linux driver for Opencores' PCI BRIDGE for free. A Linux driver for the opencores' PCI Bridge project Works on 2.6 Kernel

Show PCI vendor and device codes as numbers instead of looking them up in the PCI ID list. -nn Show PCI vendor and device codes as both numbers and names. -q Use DNS to query the central PCI ID database if a device is not found in the local pci.ids file. PCIe DMA Driver for Linux Operating Systems This struct identifies the PCIe Device IDs that are recognized by the driver in the following format: { PCI_DEVICE

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igb-x.x.x.tar.gz driver supports all Intel® 82575, 82576, 82580, I350, I210, or I211-based Gigabit Network Adapters/Connections; e1000-x.x.x.tar.gz driver supports all Intel® 8254x-based PCI and PCI-X Gigabit Network Adapters/Connections; See the readme notes for installation instructions, supported hardware, what is new, bug fixes, and known Apr 07, 2011 · I'm one of FPGA designers on the project and I have no experience writing a PCI or PCIe driver. I'm supposed to be developing the driver against CentOS 7.3 (Linux Kernel version 3.10 + patches). The driver needs to be able to set aside a portion of memory for DMA accesses by the FPGA, and to perform single word 32-bit read and write operations. Aug 01, 2017 · /usr/share/hwdata/pci.ids file is all known ID’s used in PCI devices: ID’s of vendors, devices, subsystems and device classes. You can update this database by typing the following command at a shell prompt: $ update-pciids. Suggested Readings: Linux – lspci command to list and find out more information about all PCI devices.