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Apr 01, 2012 Configuring Network Environment Settings If this machine has a fixed IP address, enter the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. For details, refer to Here.; To automatically obtain the IP address of this machine using DHCP, enable the Auto Input function for automatically obtaining an IP address from DHCP (default: enabled). Archer A7 & C7 User Guide | TP-Link Go to Basic > Wireless. 2. Enable Smart Connect. 3. Keep the original or set a new SSID and password, then click Save. This SSID and password will be applied for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks. • To change the wireless network name (SSID) and wireless password: 1. Go to Basic > Wireless. 2. DHCP Not Enabled - Home Network Admin

NETSH Command to Change from Static IP Address to DHCP

How To Change & Configure An IP Address or Set to DHCP

May 09, 2019

Network configuration - ArchWiki Listing network interfaces. Both wired and wireless interface names can be found via ls /sys/class/net or ip link.Note that lo is the loop device and not used in making network connections.. Wireless device names can also be retrieved using iw dev.See also /Wireless#Get the name of the interface.. If your network interface is not listed, make sure your device driver was loaded successfully. Solved: DHCP not enabled? | Tech Support Guy Aug 31, 2008