Here’s how to set up your ASUS DSL-AC52U - DSL-AC55U Router for NBN and Fixed Wireless on the Pentanet network. Let’s go! (Note: if you’re connected to Fibre to the Node/Basement (FTTN/B) please click here) Plug in the power adaptor and power on the device, making sure to also connect your NBN or Fixed Wireless service to the device’s

17/03/2020 · When you set up a new router, place it near a Windows PC or another computer that can be used for the initial configuration. Both wired and wireless routers are best configured from a computer connected to the router with an Ethernet network cable. You can move the router to its permanent location later. 20/07/2017 · The process for changing your Asus router IP address may differ somewhat depending on the type of Asus router you have. However, it should be largely similar. The following directions are for an Asus 68U router. Login to your router on your computer. Click LAN in the sidebar Assuming your router's IP address is and you wanted to assign 50 IP addresses to the DHCP scope, you would set the Starting IP address to and the Ending address to 192.168 OP originally asks: “How can I set up a Wi-Fi router without an Ethernet port on my computer?” I haven’t seen others ask yet, but how is the computer currently connecting? If you still want to set up L2TP VPN manually, go step-by-step through following instructions: L2TP VPN Setup instructions. This tutorial is created using an ASUS RT-N66U model. The other ASUS routers settings may vary. In case you have a different router model, consider this tutorial as an example. Contact us if you can not setup your router

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ASUS MODEM / ROUTER SETTINGS. Fibre/UFB Settings for ASUS Modems & Routers running on Spark, 2degrees, Slingshot, Vodafone, Orcon, and Trustpower Networks. 18/09/2018 · ASUS Router Configuration Alexander Harrison Updated September 18, 2018 00:38. Follow. Please select your model number below. RT-AC68U, RT-N66R and similar models . RT-N10. ASUS General Configuration . Was this article helpful? 7 out of 9 found this help

It’s still set up as a router that has nothing connected to it other than a router that has my network running through it. My thought, which I did buy another router, is to plug this router also into the modem/router combo with phone. I actually already have an it works. My plan is to make that my VPN router. If it turns out I have no problem with everything connected to the VPN, I plan on

Set up my ASUS router (VDSL) Reilly December 24, 2019 03:15. Follow. 1. Connecting my router. 1.1. Plug in the router. Connect the included Black Ethernet cable to the Grey "DSL" port on left and the power plug to the power port on the right, Any computer How to Set Up Asus Router with OpenVPN. Note: This tutorial is only compatible with the following Asus routers: RT-N66U, RT-AC56U, RT-AC66U, RT-AC68U, RT-AC87U, RT-AC5300, RT-AC3200, RT-AC3100, RT-AC1750, RT-AC88U, RT-AC66R, RT-AC55U. If you are unable to 26/05/2019 · For asus routers that do not have unifi ISP profiles, u might not be able to connect via pppoe. however, if u set the following under lan>iptv tab, under ISP profile selact manual setting and set internet vid = 500 prio = 0, lan port 4 = (left blank) prio = 0. lan port 3 = (left blank) prio =o. u will not get hypptv working (most of us dun care), u can connect via pppoe and u can utilise lan